About Li Bao Ge

A paragon of exquisite Cantonese cuisine
Li Bao Ge Group Limited is one of Hong Kong’s most renowned restaurants chains, famed for its traditional Cantonese cuisine. Founded in 1998, the Group opened its first restaurant in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Over the years, building on its passion for Cantonese cuisine and outstanding management, the Group has expanded its business presence to Mainland China to become a diversified and sizeable Hong Kong-listed food and beverage corporation.
Opening a new chapter by embracing change
The authentic Cantonese cuisine presented by the Group is carefully crafted, using the finest ingredients and exceptional culinary skills, which earned high praise from diners. The Group has always been committed to giving new interpretations to traditional Cantonese culinary classics, introducing inventive elements to the dining experience to delight the taste buds of its diners. The sun-dried tangerine peel roast duck and lifelike character dim sums have become the Group’s signature dishes and a must-try for diners.

The Group has established a presence in Hong Kong for decades. In 2013, the Group opened its first restaurant in Mainland China, located in Futian, Shenzhen. Leveraging its management excellence and high-quality food, the Li Bao Ge brand has gained popularity among Mainland Chinese diners. Within a few years, the Group has set up three highly-acclaimed branches in Shenzhen. In 2016, the Group was listed on GEM of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; in 2018, the listing was transferred to the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, demonstrating the capital market’s recognition of the Group’s potential and performance.
Moving with the times and actively develop new retail models
As a constantly evolving corporate entity, the Group is eager to adapt to new models of consumption to satisfy popular demand and to seize the growing opportunities in e-commerce. In 2019, the Group and Freshippo entered into a cooperation agreement, leveraging Freshippo’s sophisticated O2O platform which integrated physical stores with an online platform for fast and efficient ordering and delivery. According to the agreement, Li Bao Ge would set up in-store counters at Freshippo to serve cooked-on-site Hong Kong-style roast meat, as well as other specialties such as Cantonese-style soup, dim sum, dessert and festive delicacies, to ensure that the meals are both tasty and fresh when they arrive at the customers’ home.

In 2020, Li Bao Ge took another big step to expand its business in China. The Group acquired a 70% stake in Sun Kau Kee, a leader in the roast meat (“Siu Mei”) industry in Shanghai. The acquisition is in line with the Group’s strategy of exploring opportunities in China's "new retail" light-meal delivery market through an asset-light business model. Sun Kau Kee is a brand with extensive new retail experience, renowned for its signature product, roast duck.

After more than 20 years of hard work, the Group has expanded from a traditional restaurant into a leading brand with diversified brands and services. Its business covers Chinese banquets, special cuisines, and online and light-meal delivery services. The Group’s business presence encompasses Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Not only does the "Li Bao Ge" brand represent Cantonese cuisine, but it also demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit of constant innovations and pursuit of excellence.

Mission & Vision

Provides top-of-the-class Cantonese cuisines and be the top-rated Hong Kong restaurant operator in China.
Combines traditional wisdom with an innovative approach to promote the culture and essence of Cantonese cuisine, and provide an extraordinary dining experience.

Corporate Milestones

Strategic Partnership

The strategic alliance with Freshippo is important for Li Bao Ge toward its goal of establishing a strong business presence in Mainland China. The Group has joined the flagship store on the Freshippo platform in 2019, offering cooked-on-site Hong Kong-style roast meat, as well as other specialties such as Cantonese-style soup, dim sum, dessert and festive delicacies. Freshippo has in turn made available its digital platforms and on-site facilities to Li Bao Ge and has been providing technical support, including its marketing initiatives, online sales resources, delivery service, potential customers, and establishment of O2O channels.

Freshippo is the New Retail flagship brand under Alibaba Group. With fresh foods as the main attraction, its physical retail stores focus on enhancing the customer experience, while delivery speed is the strong suit of its online business. It has built a comprehensive commercial channel comprising "fresh food supermarket + catering + Apps e-commerce + logistics" with a quick delivery cold chain distribution system that guarantee
Shanghai Sun Kau Kee (SKK)
Li Bao Ge Group has acquired a 70% stake in Yaoliang (Shanghai) Food Co., Ltd. (“Yaoliang”) and Shanghai Sun Kau Kee in 2020, to facilitate the Group’s strategy of exploring opportunities in China's "New Retail" light-meal delivery market through an asset-light business model. As of the acquisition date, SKK has 32 in-store counters opened in Freshippo stores. SKK specializes in cooked food with roast duck as its signature product. It is one of the leaders in the roast meat (“Siu Mei”) industry in Shanghai, China.